Dear American people and peoples,

Maybe you tänker that Sweden now is not a good place? Before you tänkte it was a good place. Abba, köttbullar, välfärd and so on. Now you think: ”very much sad immigration because the president har sagt så”.

That is a bad, we think. Because it is fake news! Therefore, vi as a känd kulturtidskrift really vill ställa några things to rätta!

Jag knows att ni antagligen inte read a lot of Swedish nyheter and articles. That is ok. Vi är ett very little land. Men maybe now that you tänker so much about us, that you will read? Yes?

This vore super great! So, sweden is actually a very very bra land. Not bad. It’s bra. Immigration is not only kul men inte really not so dåligt as you say. Also, it is a very snäll thing att göra and really you are not being very snäll at all when you dont vill släppa in någon invandrarers alls. That is bad! Here you can läsa som fakta about this in engelska from a swedish kille som once time var omnämnd i the Economist! Wow!

Now that you listen, I just also want to understryka att we in Sweden kan faktiskt really many engelska words and våra tankar är super clever and so on, also in engelska. Like the New York Times almost! Yes! Here you can läsa a väldigt smart english text from the culture man Peter Englund. He is actually world famous in Sweden.

Ok. One more minute please. Listen to my words jag know because I have actually läst many engelsk tidning:






Wow! Did you se all these ords? Click here for fler smart words.

Do you see? Sweden is very internationell på det viset om jag får säga det själv. Also, we are not bad! Remember det!

Best wishes

Bear Werner

Editor in redaktör of the very international magazine Arena